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A few notes about “where I have been” professionally…

In 2015 I retired (early) from ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church. I spent over twenty years serving United Methodist congregations in eastern Kansas as pastor, counselor, teacher, and preacher. I earned two graduate degrees at Saint Paul School of Theology, previously located in Kansas City, Missouri. I hold a Master in Theological Studies, with concentration in Feminist Pastoral Care, and a Master of Divinity. 

I am the former Co-Director of Martha and Mary’s Way, an Interfaith Women’s Network based in Lawrence, Kansas. I lived on my own country acreage southeast of Lawrence, Kansas for almost 20 years.  My acreage was home to Walkabout Retreats, Inc., which I founded and directed. For years, sojourners of diverse backgrounds and interests journeyed to my land for labyrinth walking, guided retreat, art workshops and/or quiet rest and reflection. 

My professional relationship to the church actually began many years before establishing a clergy identity. I cherish the time I spent as a children’s choir director. Music was and is my first language.

Judy Long O'Neal

Welcome to Choosing Amazement!


Choosing Amazement is very much a joint effort. My identical twin sister, Jan Long, is profoundly generous with her time, creativity and tech savvy. She is self-taught, patient and courageous when it comes to making the technical package work. Jan is responsible for moving these ideas from “Judy talking about it for years” to actually making something happen!  Thank you, Jan. Where would I be without ya?!

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